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3D Systems is a global leader in 3D technologies. The products and services they offer span a wide range of industries from aerospace to healthcare.

3D Systems reached out to us because they wanted to tell the story of their customers. 3D’s customers rave about their software products and we wanted to highlight the main things they love about the software in comparison to the competitors’ offerings.

We visited the town of Kalamazoo in Michigan to meet with 2 customers that have been using the Cimatron software for very different amounts of time.

Liberty Molds, Inc in Portage MI has been using the software for over a decade and has built their business around its offerings. Allegiance Mold is a newer company but has also been using the software since its inception. Both companies wouldn’t be able to do that they do without Cimatron.

Take a look at the video and explore how 3D Systems is offering solutions to some of the most common industry problems.

Director/Editor: Josh Swope

DP: Adam Sewell

Producer: Adam Sewell 



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