KALLISTA is renowned for their high end, unique faucet deigns. This is a story of how they teamed up with a mental 3D printing company to break the wall between complex design and the limitations of traditional manufacturing. Every since the dawn of manufacturing there has been a silent killer when it comes to design and manufacturing. The design always has to play in line with the limitations of the manufacturing process. This means that a design cannot just throw their creativity into a design and say "go build this", they have to consider what is physically possible with the manufacturing method. KALLISTA proved that 3D printing is the manufacturing method of the future and they were able to overcome the obstacles that they have faced in the passed to create a one-of-a-kind piece that demonstrates the complexity of design and the possibilities of what can be accomplished. 

Digital Spark Studios was on site to capture and produce this video. We wanted to show the artist vision in the telling of this story from the get go and how important it was to him that he now was able to express himself in his designs and that there is now nothing holding him back! 



Adam Sewell