One Earth Tea Bags


One Earth reached out to us wanting to show how their new innovative tea bag works differently from the traditional paper tea bags. They wanted something that was easily consumable for the viewer and appealed to high end tea manufactures. We shot this piece in Charlotte NC at a home which just had a brand new white kitchen installed and deceided to embrace the white and make this piece light and airy to emulate the clarity of the One Earth tea bag after steeping. 


From the One Earth site-

"Our food and beverage filter media is made in the USA from Non-GMO Biodegradable fibers. The raw material streams are certified Non-GMO and USDA BioPreferred®. One Earth® comes varied weights, from 20 gsm to 60 gsm and in a variety of standard widths. As tea bag manufacturers, we are committed to providing biodegradable, Non-GMO teabags to tea producers searching for eco-friendly tea bags. 

One Earth® filter media is produced in accordance with NwN’s US Patent # 8,828,895 under the strict quality guidelines of ISO9001:2015. 

Features: Provides a great cup of tea in record time. Our filter media has full taste neutrality, is biodegradable and translucent. The filter media shapes easily into pyramid, round or single chamber Non-GMO tea bags. 

One Earth® seals easily with ultrasonic processes as well as most conventional thermal packaging machines using a much lower temperature. In addition, clean trim waste can be recycled back into the filtration media."

Adam Sewell