Photo + Video

Convey a mood. Inspire action. Win business. Whether you need a commercial or ad, have an important upcoming event you’d like to document, want to share a compelling customer experience or case study, or simply need professional headshots that fit your persona, Digital Spark Studios can help you get your message out.



The best brands have a magnetic pull. A vibe that exudes who they are and what they represent. It’s woven into every aspect of their presentation, from logos and graphics to font and colors. Good branding draws people in and it keeps them coming back. Let us help you find your spark.


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a perfect way to convey a message. Tutorials, explainers, infographics, and many more. Motion graphics can grab and cling to a viewers attention, if they are done properly

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Having trouble putting your needs into a single box? We are happy to consult with you on your project to determine how our skills can help you share your vision.


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